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CRM: Quick adding Entity

In this post, it is about how to quick add an entity into the CRM with populated data.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to Setting > Data Management.


  • Click on Imports.
  • Just below the top navigators click on IMPORT DATA.


  • For this post I used this  file.
  • Browse the file, click Next and wait for the file to be imported.
  • And click Next.
  • On the Select Data Map, select Default (Automatic Mapping) under System Data Maps and click Next.


  • On the Map Record Types, select Create New under Microsoft Dynamics CRM Record Types.
  • Then fill in the field as shown below, and click OK


  • Once it is successfully mapped, click Next.
  • On the Map Fields, under Required Fields I select Name since I make it as my Primary Field.
  • As for Optional Fields,
    • for Capital: select Create New Field under Actions and set Type: Single Line of Text.
    • for Continent: select Create New Field under Actions and set Type: Option Set.
  • Click Next until you press Submit.
  • It may takes some time but it will come.
  • Once it is finished. Keep refresh until the Status Reason is Completed.


  • Next, go to Settings > CustomizationsCapture
  • Click on Customize the System
  • Expand the Entities and look for Country
  • Check on the areas that you want to display this entity, for this post I select Settings.
  • Then Save and Publish

Entity View

  • Expand the Country and click on Views.
  • Next to the File, click on the Publish All Customizations.
  • After it is done, double click on the Active Countries, and add/remove the columns that you would like the view to display.
  • Save and Close.
  • Make sure you click on Publish All Customizations.

Entity Form

  • Expand the Country and click on Form.
  • Just drag and drop the fields that you would want to display it on the form
  • Once done, click on Save then Publish under the Home tab

  • Refresh the CRM and you’ll see the entity on the area you have selected and published early

That’s it…

-Farrah K.


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