Setting up Active Directory

Hi All,

I have installed Windows Server 2012 RC Datacenter to one of my VMs. So now let’s see what things need to be done to set up an Active Directory.

  • First thing you’ll see once the OS is running is the Server Manager window.


  • Then go to Local Server and change the Computer name by clicking it. And the OS will be restarted. In my case, I’ve rename it to CAMP.


  • Once restarted, on the Server Manager window click on Manage > Add Roles and Features on the top right corner as shown below:


  • The wizard will starts, click Next.
  • For Installation type, choose Role-based or feature-based installation.


  • For Server Selection, let it be and click Next.
  • For Server Roles, select Active Directory Domain Services. And a wizard will shows up, just click on Add Features.



  • For Features, just click Next.
  • For AD DS, click Next.
  • Then Confirmation, click Install. Once it’s done then close it you’ll see new option is added named AS DS.


Then you’ll notice there’s a warning in yellow which telling you that there’s configuration need to be done.

So what you do is,

  • Click on the flag on the top right corner and click on Promote this server to domain controller.


  • A wizard shows up, on Deployment Configuration choose Add a new forest and fill in the root domain name e.g AD.LOCAL or CP.LOCAL (in my case).
  • For Domain Controller Options, fill in the DSRM password.
  • For DNS Options, let it be and click Next.
  • You will get NetBIOS automatically and click Next.
  • For Paths, click Next
  • For Review Options, click Next
  • For Prerequisites Check,¬†checking will start and click Install when it’s done. (Make sure your connection is working)
  • Once it is done, you will be signed off then your server will be an Active Directory Server with installed DNS.

That’s it!

-Farrah K.


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