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CRM installation error

Hi All,

During my CRM installation I have encountered this error:
Unable to open the physical file "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\MSCRM_CONFIG.mdf".

So I look up on the net and found this solution:

  • Stop MSSQLSERVER services
  • Go to “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA” and delete MSCRM_CONFIG.mdf and MSCRM_CONFIG_log.ldf
  • Start MSSQLSERVER services
  • Then re-run the installation.

It works!

Farrah K.


Setting up Active Directory

Hi All,

I have installed Windows Server 2012 RC Datacenter to one of my VMs. So now let’s see what things need to be done to set up an Active Directory.

  • First thing you’ll see once the OS is running is the Server Manager window.


  • Then go to Local Server and change the Computer name by clicking it. And the OS will be restarted. In my case, I’ve rename it to CAMP.


  • Once restarted, on the Server Manager window click on Manage > Add Roles and Features on the top right corner as shown below:


  • The wizard will starts, click Next.
  • For Installation type, choose Role-based or feature-based installation.


  • For Server Selection, let it be and click Next.
  • For Server Roles, select Active Directory Domain Services. And a wizard will shows up, just click on Add Features.



  • For Features, just click Next.
  • For AD DS, click Next.
  • Then Confirmation, click Install. Once it’s done then close it you’ll see new option is added named AS DS.


Then you’ll notice there’s a warning in yellow which telling you that there’s configuration need to be done.

So what you do is,

  • Click on the flag on the top right corner and click on Promote this server to domain controller.


  • A wizard shows up, on Deployment Configuration choose Add a new forest and fill in the root domain name e.g AD.LOCAL or CP.LOCAL (in my case).
  • For Domain Controller Options, fill in the DSRM password.
  • For DNS Options, let it be and click Next.
  • You will get NetBIOS automatically and click Next.
  • For Paths, click Next
  • For Review Options, click Next
  • For Prerequisites Check, checking will start and click Install when it’s done. (Make sure your connection is working)
  • Once it is done, you will be signed off then your server will be an Active Directory Server with installed DNS.

That’s it!

-Farrah K.


Reset Password (Win 8.1)

Hi All, There’s a time when one of your work’s mate resign and left their PC locked but you don’t want to bother them and ask for password. I bet some people use their password for all the accounts possibly they might not tell. So, format is the first thing that comes to you mind but then you need to see what’s inside that computer. So what you do is… download this

I assure you, it will works but of course as time passing by everything will be updated so I can not guarantee you that this will work in the future but for now year 2015 it works.

  • Download Lazesoft software.
  • Install it and Run it.
  • Click on Burn Bootable CD/USB Disk Now!
  • Then click Next.
  • Choose whichever you prefer to and click start.
  • And click Yes for format.

Once it is done just plug it in to the PC and click Next until you see the account you wish to unlock then that’s it. You restart the PC and you can log in to the account with password. Hope it helps. And if this doesn’t work then just plug the hard disk out.

-Farrah K.